Types of Roofing and Floor Hatches

In the construction industry, roof hatches and floor doors are some of the most renowned items. Most of the time a lot goes unnoticed. The hatches and the roof are important parts of the buildings. They provide the user with ample space to access storage areas beneath the flooring. The hatch doors provide access to the levels of buildings previously disconnected. The roofing hatches are quite different from the access doors based on where they are found. The floor hatches must be capable of withstanding pressure from the feet above while the roof hatches should be weather resistant. The hinges, locks, handles and door surfaces are designed to deliver heavy-duty performance. The roofing and hatches must maintain they insulate properties, not forgetting a strong sealing capability.



Types of Roofing and Floor Hatches

The best Floor doors and roof hatches meet their intended purposes without any hitch. The purpose of the hatch is to keep off rain, snow or wind from finding its way in. On the other hand, an aluminum-made floor door should seamlessly fit under the carpeting without creating unnecessary protrusion or uneven surfaces. During the manufacture of the doors, the makers invest a great deal into safety. This makes them safe for walking over and regular usage.


Steel Roofing Hatches

Usually, steel hatches are designed to provide access to the inside of a building. They are usually made of heavy-duty steel and specially designed to withstand foot traffic in addition to exposure from the elements. The coating that is rust-resistant, weather gaskets and sturdy handles are best suited for installation outside of buildings. Yellow and black tape lines the inside perimeter of the door. This safety precaution ensures that an open door can be spotted in real time.


Fire-Rated Floor Hatches

Depending on the industry you work in, there are fire-rated hatches. Usually, they are made of aluminum and are capable of handling regular foot traffic. To achieve stabilization, they possess a diamond plate. The fire hatches provide an additional benefit of a recessed panel door that squarely holds off the floor material. Once the flooring surface is installed, stone, concrete and other thick materials can be fitted to blend seamlessly with its surrounding design.


Aluminum Foor Hatches

They comprise a basic, sturdy flooring door option. These access doors have been specially manufactured with a variety of surface materials. Doors that are along the path of foot traffic are diamond-plated on their surface. Some versions of those placed under carpeted area have noise-proof padding. All aluminum floor patches are heavy-duty and sturdy enough to withstand overhead pressure.



Recessed Hatches

The main attribute of these hatches is their ability to blend in with your room design. They comprise of concrete, tiling, and stone and are just as durable as regular floor doors. When installed, they are less likely to be noticed unless one takes a keen look at their environment.




When shopping for either a floor door or a roof hatch, base your search on the intended purpose of the investment. During installation, ensure that you follow the recommended installation requirements to guarantee your safety and that of the inhabitants. For more on roof hatches, floor doors, valve box, ladders, etc. check your local listings for the professionals.