townhouse with street parking

Advantages of Living in a Town House

Townhouses are ideal for families or people who do not want to live in apartments. Apartments are common in the cities, but it is not everyone who prefers to share a building with other people.

If you want the luxury of living in the city without necessarily living in a squeezed apartment, then a townhouse is ideal. Living in a townhouse might be expensive than living in an apartment, but the comfort and convenience are worth it. When looking for a townhouse, the North East area of Edmonton has more available town homes for rent than any other section of the city. Here are some reasons to consider living in a townhouse:

Garden and Small Lawn

example of townhousesLiving in an apartment means that the only space that you have in your home is your house and rooms. Sometimes it is difficult to walk your dog or even park your car. If you are looking for the luxury of picking flowers from your garden and even setting a small play area near your house, then a townhouse will do the trick.

Most of the townhouses come with a small garden just next to the house. You can grow flowers and also get a good place to park your car.

Easy to Maintain

A townhouse is always easy to maintain compared to a normal stand-alone house. If you own a single stand-alone house, you will be responsible for taking care of the area around the house to make sure it is neat. If you have other commitment, then it might be difficult to keep up with the care.

With a townhouse, it will be easy to maintain the exterior of the house because the maintenance is done by the association of homeowners in the city or town.


townhouse with poster for rentLiving in a townhouse is quite different from living in an apartment or a single house. With an apartment, your privacy is invaded because you do not have much space for yourself. On the other hand, in a single house, you will always desire the community way of living. The best thing about living in a townhouse is the fact that it allows you to have neighbors but at the same time they will not invade your privacy.

Cost of Living

Living in a townhouse is cheaper compared to living in a single house. However, it might still be more expensive than living in an apartment. The cost of living in a townhouse is a small price to pay for the convenience that comes with living in such a good environment.…