4 Smart Ways of Using Bleach Cleaners

Ammonia and bleach cleaners work great when removing mildew and mold inside and outside the home. Unfortunately, these two products are hardly ever used together. Bleach cleaners are more suited towards the following household chores:

  • Washing mildew off fabrics that can be washed. We the area containing mildew and rub into it some powdered detergent. Wash the garment with hot water in a setting permitted by your clothing manufacturer. Add a half cup of chlorine bleach into the solution. If your garment cannot be washed in bleach and hot water, you can try out oxygen bleach; a quarter cup is good enough.
  • Removes mildew and mold from the grout located in between the bathroom tiles. A solution of chlorine bleach and spray bottle solution can then be sprayed over the grout. Give it 15 minutes of rest before scrubbing. Once complete, you can rinse off. Once can perform this to make their grout look whiter.
  • Gets mildew and mold off the shower curtains. Give your curtains a thorough good wash using bathing towels that will hinder the curtains from crinkling up. Afterward, apply add a little chlorine bleach and other detergents. This will take place several minutes before the loading begins. Place your towels and shower curtains in the dryer to a low-temperature setting for roughly ten minutes before hanging them for drying.
  • You can take out any mildew on the shower mat by soaking it in 3.7 liters of bleach solution for 3 hours till you get a 1-gallon solution. Once done, do a thorough rinse. Mildew and other forms of staining can be taken off the stucco, patio or unpainted cement.
  • Take off the mildew from siding and painted surfaces using a quarter cup of bleach accompanied by two water jugs. Gently apply a brush to the mildewed areas allowing the solution to settle for 15 minutes before rinsing.

Cleaning counter tops and cutting blocks

cleaningIt would be ill-advised to use furniture polish or regular cleaners when cleaning cutting boards or counter tops. Use a scrubbing brush wherein you have dipped in a teaspoon of bleach in a 2-liter container. To avoid saturating the wood, apply a gentle scrub. Gently wipe a damp paper towel before buff drying using clean clothes.

Gently shine white porcelain

Considering getting your candleholder, porcelain sink, or pottery looking brand new? Utilize well ventilated working surfaces to safeguard yourself from heavy plastic. Have paper towels spread over your items and have them saturated with undiluted bleach. It will take roughly fifteen minutes to half an hour to rinse and dry your towels. Avoid using the product on antiques as it can erode their worth. Colored porcelain and bleach cleaners can also result in faded color.

Disinfecting the trash cans

The best housekeepers then confront kitchen garbage pails frequently. In such an event, take your pail outside for a flush. Loose debris can be easily removed using a garden hose.

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